Do You Have A Child In Crisis?
The 3 Most Important Questions You Can Ask
In just 3 minutes you can get the answers to these 3 critical questions.
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Does My Teen Really Need Help?

MANY PARENTS JUST LIKE YOU have reached a point of complete frustration and are unsure of what to about their childs poor choices and behavior. Parents often ask the question "Does my child really need help or am I over reacting?" This quick assessment is designed to help show parents when their child is exhibiting unusually bad behavior.
Child Behavior Assessment
Check the box next to each statement that applies to your child's current behavior.
Please note that a child who exhibits any of the following behaviors will need some form of help.
 Defiant behavior
 Lacks motivation
 Depression / Low Self-Esteem
 Stealing money or property
 Dishonest & Manipulative
 Frequently angery
 Poor choice of friends
 Under-performs in academics
 Physical fighting with peers
 Skips school
 Sexually active
 Has ever "run away"
 Trouble with the law
 Uses drugs or alcohol

What Kind of Help Does My Teen Need?
Wilderness Programs - Treatment Centers
Boot Camps - Military Schools
Boarding Schools
"What kind of help does your teen need?"
Once you have determined that your child is going to need some kine of help, figuring out which type of intervention will be best for YOUR child can be a little confusing.

This Resource Suggestion Guide can help give some suggestions, however, we strongly recommend that you speak with an experienced Enrollment Specialist to help determine which type of resource will be best suited to help your child with their specific needs.
Resource Suggestion Guide
Check the options that describe what you are looking for.
 A short-term option (1 to 3 months)
 A long-term option (6 to 12 months)
 Accredited academic program
 Individual Psychotherapy Available

Who Can Help My Teen?
Perhaps the most imporant question you may have to this point is
"Who can help MY teen?"

Finding a quality School or Progam that specializes in helping struggling teens is not an easy task. There are many important things to consider such as Location, Services Offered, Areas of Expertise, and of course Cost.

Because we have relationships with hundreds of organizations across the U.S. WE ARE UNIQUELY QUALIFIED to help parents find quality schools and programs that help struggling teens.

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