Insight Intensive at Gold Lake
Quick Facts
Young Adult Program
Males Only

18 to 26


Avg. Duration:
Approximately 120 days (variable depending on individual needs)


Is Individual Psychotherapy Available?
Contact Info

(303) 952-8357


3371 Gold Lake Road
Ward, CO 80481
Program Description

Located near Boulder, CO on a 100-acre retreat campus in the majestic Rocky Mountains, Insight Intensive at Gold Lake is a short-term, therapeutic residential program that serves young men in need of clinical services, mentoring, coaching, and life skills.  Increasingly, young men are unprepared for the challenges and responsibilities of early adulthood.  These “failures to launch” often result from a lack of competence, confidence, and clarity necessary for success in college or work and independence.  Most are struggling with emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, drug abuse, compulsive or addictive behaviors and remain dependent on their families.  They are overwhelmed and under-confident and their futures are uncertain.

At Insight Intensive, we prepare young men for independence using a comprehensive, integrated approach that supports the whole person’s development.  This includes highly individualized, goal- oriented mentoring; individual, group, and family therapy; peer and community involvement and support; equine therapy and equestrian riding; experiential activities; recovery support; life skills training; computer and study lab for academic support, therapeutic recreational activities, nutrition and fitness, and on campus work internships.  Licensed clinicians and professional mentors team with each participant to create concrete plans for college or employment as well as for independent or semi-independent living.  Insight Intensive is focused from day one on a specific, personalized Life Plan for each young man.

Some of our participants have no previous program experience while others come to us directly from other primary programs such as wilderness, RTC’s or recovery programs.

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