Echo Springs Transition Study Center
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Young Adult Program & Transitional Independent Living

18 to 24

8 to 10 in

Avg. Duration:
12 to 18 months


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(888) 688-3246

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3210 Kootenai Trail Road
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
Program Description

Echo Springs is designed to empower young adults to live effective and productive lives.  This post-graduate program assists students in identifying their interests and assessing their strengths and weaknesses.  It is a time to re-envision their dreams and learn that they can accomplish realistic goals.  Echo Springs enables students to move from being passive onlookers to active participants in their lives.

Students who attend Echo Springs are young men and women with the common desire to get on with life, experience success and become confident in themselves again.  Students may have dropped out of high school and now seek a diploma or GED, or completed high school but would benefit from an additional year of academic preparation and emotional maturity.  Some students lost their way at college, overcome by peer pressure and academic expectations.  Common issues include poor organizational and coping skills, lack of motivation, procrastination, poor decision making, ADHD and/or learning disabilities, issues with authority, general immaturity, recovery issues, depression, anxiety, mood disorders and/or social ineptness.

Echo Springs offers a small, family-style living environment of supportive peers, with caring staff who mentor, guide and foster the opportunity for real growth.  Students can develop community living skills, practice more effective communication and learn to balance the daily requirements of greater independence.  Phase One functions as a kind of laboratory for personal expression where students can express feelings and frustrations, learn to set limits and develop an awareness of time management in relation to immediate and long term goals.  These ideas are applied practically to the management of personal finances, home maintenance, employment, academics and independent activities.  In Phase Two, students apply the principles they have learned to a new and more independent living situation, creating a support system of their own in addition to the ongoing mentoring of Echo Springs’ staff.  All students have the opportunity to attend community college, receive therapeutic support and continue a personal recovery program as needed during their enrollment at Echo Springs.

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