Summit Achievement
Quick Facts
Wilderness and Transitional Program

13 to 19

4 groups of

Avg. Duration:
6 weeks to 6 months


Is Individual Psychotherapy Available?
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(207) 697-2020

(207) 697-2021


69 Deer Hill Road
Stow, ME O4037
Program Description

Unlike most therapeutic wilderness programs, Summit has a fully equipped Academic Center and is licensed by the State of Maine as a non-traditional private school. Throughout their involvement with the program, students are issued laptops for academic use only. They attend school in classrooms staffed by core- subject teachers, earn academic credits in individually selected courses, and practice skills that will transfer to private or public school settings. Summit’s Academic Director communicates with parents and schools to develop a customized academic course schedule targeting the specific needs of each student. Weekly individual, group and family therapy and exciting wilderness expeditions focus on self-esteem building, communication skills, and achievement of treatment goals. Sunday through Thursday students live on campus in comfortable dormitories practicing the skills they’ve learned on expedition in the context of an active residential community.

Summit Traverse (3 months +)

Summit Traverse is a transitional program for boys and young men, ages 14 to 18+. These young men are leaving a more intensive level of treatment but are not yet ready to return home or transition to private boarding school or other traditional environment. Traverse offers a family-centered therapeutic approach utilizing milieu, individual, and family therapy. The unique, five day a week blended-learning academic program, coupled with a rich array of weekend wellness, adventure and cultural activities, encourages balanced personal growth. Family visits and gradually incremental trips home test the home environment and provide the family with opportunities to gauge readiness. Students learn to constructively self-manage their leisure screen time on campus in preparation for a return to a world full of electronic devices.