Montcalm School For Boys and Girls
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Therapeutic Boarding School
Boys and Girls

12 to 17


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13725 Starr Commonwealth Rd.
Albion, MI 49224
Program Description

Montcalm School is a residential treatment program of Starr Commonwealth. Established in 1913, Starr Commonwealth is a pioneer and leader in child welfare practices and therapeutic treatment of troubled youth. Growth over the years, and a firm belief that all children have strengths and value, culminates in an internationally recognized treatment program. Montcalm School is driven by a set of Core Values that promote integrity, excellence, compassion, and faith and ultimately lead to the belief that "There is no such thing as a bad child."

Montcalm School is ideal for youth who may be adopted, experiencing family conflict, attention issues, Asperger’s Syndrome, learning challenges, passively non-compliant, oppositional behaviors, substance abuse issues, and other behavioral issues. Students may be lacking self-esteem, may have feelings of abandonment, or may need additional assistance in learning social skills, all of which may have been unsuccessfully addressed in previous therapy settings.

Treatment at Montcalm School is founded on principles that integrate the power of interpersonal relationships, peer group treatment, and multidisciplinary teamwork. Daily therapy sessions foster and enable each student’s opportunity to develop self-awareness, care, assistance to others, and pro-social life skills. In addition, each student at Montcalm School receives an asset-based behavioral and educational assessment upon entering the school. Parents, teachers, peers, and the treatment team determine an individualized course of treatment. Other experiences will include Outdoor Adventure Education, recreation therapy, and service learning. Spiritual, substance abuse, and trauma counseling are available. Montcalm also offers a Structured Transitional Living (STL) program designed to teach independent living skills to young adult males through age 21.  Montcalm School is SEVIS approved.

Accreditation, Licensure, Approval:
Council on Accreditation
State of Michigan Department of Education