Quick Facts
Small Residential Program & Outdoor Therapeutic Program
Coeducational/Single Gender Group

17 to 19

16 resodent

Avg. Duration:
12-18 months residential/21-58 days summer


Is Individual Psychotherapy Available?
Contact Info
(406) 827-3863

(406) 827-4072


119 South Hill Rd
Trout Creek, MT 59874
Program Description

Explorations offers a variety of unique and relevant program choices that meet the needs of today’s teens and young adults.  For 20 years, we have provided innovative, diverse offerings that promote healthy families. We promise individualized attention and small groups.  We support reunification of families through integrated parent involvement.  We prioritize successful, supported transitions at the conclusion of our offerings.  

HomeBase Residential looks and feels like home!  Students, ages 13 – 18, practice solutions to ‘every-day-life’ problems in a real life environment. Students live in a therapeutic home while balancing out the challenges of family, school and personal endeavors.  Students attend school or complete distance learning and participate in individual and group therapy.  Parent involvement is prioritized and supported through parent coaching calls, regular contact with therapists and family weekends.  Mentors are nurturing, but firm and teach valuable life skills.  International and domestic travel experiences round out the HomeBase curriculum.

Big Sky Summer Adventure serves girls and boys ages 13 – 18 in separate offerings.  We teach self-reliance, responsibility and accountability through rigorous adventures such as backpacking, rock-climbing, and rafting.  Our courses are perfect for students who are floundering in school or at home yet do not require the intensity of a wilderness intervention.  Participants benefit from an opportunity to raise self-esteem and learn new strategies in parent and peer relationships.  Adult mentors instruct side-by-side the student and therapy is integrated into the adventure curriculum.  We offer 3, 4 and 7 week offerings.  Week-long Parent & Student float trip available.  Parenting skills curriculum and parent coaching included.  High school credit available.

AfterCare transition support is available at the conclusion of all offerings.  AfterCare specialists work with parents and student to devise an individualized and workable transition plan based on the strengths and needs of each family member.  Transition plan options include:  home contracts, parent coaching, collaboration with home resources, in-home visits, family intensive weekends and scheduled contact with a therapist.

Custom-Designed Experiences are available year-round for families, parents, young adults, or siblings.  We specialize in designing experiences to promote positive change and pro-active life choices.  Extensive therapy, creative outdoor pursuits, and education are integrated to meet the needs of the student, young adult or entire family.

Accreditation, Licensure, Approval:
Licensure through Montana Board of Private Alternative Adolescent Residential Programs (PAARP)