Wilderness Treatment Center
Quick Facts
Residential Treatment Center and Wilderness Program
Boys Only

14 to 24


Avg. Duration:
60 days


Is Individual Psychotherapy Available?
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(406) 854-2832

(406) 854-2835


200 Hubbart Dam Rd
Marion, MT 59925
Program Description

Wilderness Treatment Center believes that chemical dependency among adolescents and young adults can effectively be treated by providing a specialized program designed to treat both personal and social problem areas. Our program provides specific activities and a unique setting to allow for personal growth, self-confidence, better decision-making skills, and leadership growth. We combine group work and extensive therapy with personal inventory assessment to help residents develop the self-esteem, physical fitness, responsibility, and trust necessary to gain freedom from chemical dependency.

Wilderness Treatment Center is a 60-day, in-patient program for males, 14-24 years of age that have been diagnosed "chemically dependent" by a licensed counselor and subsequently referred to an in-patient treatment center.

We provide a comprehensive treatment experience designed to deliver the essentials of traditional chemical dependency treatment and the opportunity for patients to develop new personal standards and ethics. The structured residential daily schedule involves individual and group counseling and therapy, thought-provoking lectures and discussions, AA and NA meetings, and individual work and living responsibilities. The 16-21 day 'true' wilderness experience utilizes the Outward Bound philosophy to build trust, accountability, self-respect, and the hard-earned self-confidence and humility that come from accomplishing challenging goals in the wilderness. A licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor is present for the duration of every expedition maximizing the therapeutic value.

Accreditation, Licensure, Approval:
Montana Department of Health and Human Services
Association of Experiential Education Accreditation