New Leaf Academy of Oregon
Quick Facts
Therapeutic Boarding School
Female Only

10 to 14


Avg. Duration:
15 - 18 months


Is Individual Psychotherapy Available?
Contact Info
(541) 318-1676

(541) 318-1709


PO Box 6454
Bend, OR 97708-
Program Description

Our goal at New Leaf Academy is to effectively facilitate lasting behavioral, social and academic change through a therapeutic, nurturing, family-like environment that meets the specific developmental needs of the pre-adolescent and early adolescent female.  New Leaf Academy offers a structured, single-gender living and educational program for girls ages 10 through 14 at time of enrollment who need extra help and guidance in achieving their social, familial and academic goals. New Leaf students struggle with issues ranging from attention deficit disorder, spectrum disorders, mood disorders, PTSD, impulsivity, anxiety, attachment issues and a range of learning differences.  A New Leaf girl often lacks personal boundaries, is unable to read social cues, exhibits difficulty making and maintaining friendships, and demonstrates an inability to participate or adhere to family rules, values, and relationships. The girls at New Leaf receive individual, group and family therapy working closely with our Clinical Team of licensed therapists. Individual treatment plans help families create a successful environment for their daughter to return home.  Our developmentally-based program is designed to help foster improved family communication and functioning; build a renewed connection with parents, guardians and siblings; generate a  willingness in the child to follow rules and submit to parental authority; build her social and interpersonal skills; instill an ability to identify and manage feelings appropriately;  and to help generate improved academic performance.