Cedar Ridge Academy
Quick Facts
Therapeutic Boarding School

13 to 17


Avg. Duration:
10 - 14 months


Is Individual Psychotherapy Available?
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(435) 353-4498

(435) 353-4898


4270 W. 5625 N.
Roosevelt, UT 84066
Program Description

Cedar Ridge is a coeducational therapeutic school that specializes in working with youth who have issues such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, childhood trauma, school problems, NLD, relationship problems, mild to moderate substance abuse, ADD/ADHD, and anger management problems.

Our mission is to guide youth in a process of positive internal change by helping them acquire the skills and self-knowledge they need to form healthy relationships with others and utilize their individual inner strengths to become mature, well-balanced, productive persons. Cedar Ridge Academy is dedicated to the concept of using the least restrictive means necessary to induce change, helping students to utilize their internal resources to grow and mature given the right tools and environment.

Our program functions on a system of trust levels which measure and promote the students’ trust in themselves, the trust of their peers, and the trust of the program staff.  Licensed therapists implement individual service plans to help students address the underlying fears that precipitate their negative behaviors. Utilizing a non-violent approach to becoming physically, emotionally, and spiritually congruent, our regular karate training promotes character and physical well-being.  We also include soccer, basketball, volleyball and weights classes in our physical education classes.

Our accredited high school provides individualized academics geared to teaching students how to be life long learners with a college preparation focus if desired.  With an average class size of 5 students per class our certified teachers have great opportunities to teach and build relationships with their students.  Two certified guidance counselor’s helps students with ACT and PSAT test preparation and college applications.

Accreditation, Licensure, Approval:
State of Utah, Office of Licensing, Department of Human Services
Northwest Association of Accredited Schools