Gateway Academy
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Residential Treatment Center
Males Only

13 to 21

32 (16 in e

Avg. Duration:
7 to 9 months


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(801) 463-7888

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2487 South 700 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
Program Description

Gateway Academy is a residential program designed to give young men every advantage in their transition back to family, relationships and life. Gateway Academy is resolute that each young man receives an individualized balance of intense therapy, demanding accredited schooling, outdoor experiential learning; and comprehensive fitness programming.

Gateway Academy has two homes: a 16-bed Victorian home, and a 16-bed Ranch style home. Each home is intentionally small in size so as to impact each young man on a rare and individual level. Gateway Academy serves boys ages 14 to 17 struggling with depression, anxiety, impulsivity and attention problems, social problems, diminished self-esteem, oppositional problems, substance abuse difficulties at home, relationship problems, nonverbal learning problems, difficulties in executive functioning and academic deficits, identity and developmental issues and other comparable difficulties. Young men with these issues are mentored in personal, social and intellectual development.

Gateway Academy’s intensive treatment and recreational program is run by highly credentialed clinicians that ensure the disciplines of academics, therapy and experiential activities are dynamically integrated. Specifically, each young man receives weekly individual and family therapy, as well as daily specialized groups according to their individual needs. These groups include: Adolescent Male Development, Trauma Resolution, Anxiety and Depression, Information Processing Skills, Drug and Alcohol, Adoption and Transition. Each young man is also provided on-site psychiatric services as needed.  Additionally, Gateway's weekend outdoor experiential learning program utilizes outdoor adventures as a means to solidify therapeutic gains and foster personal growth. Individual and group experiential activities are intentionally engineered to allow students to test clinical gains and to grow emotionally, intellectually and physically.

Accreditation, Licensure, Approval:
State of Utah
Office of Licensing
Department of Human Services
Northwest Accreditation Commission