Integrity House RTC
Quick Facts
Residential Treatment Center
Female Only

12 to 18


Avg. Duration:
Minimum of 360 days


Is Individual Psychotherapy Available?
Contact Info
(435) 586-8336

(435) 865-6806


Po Box 21
Cedar City, UT 84721-
Program Description

Integrity House is a non-profit corporation licensed as a residential treatment center for girls ages 12-17; accredited by JCAHO and Integrity School is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission.  Integrity House is located in the picturesque “Color Country” of Southern Utah.  Length of treatment is typically 10-14 months and varies according to each teen’s needs and their response to treatment.

The Mission Statement of Integrity House is to provide teenage girls with the tools needed to make smart choices and build healthy relationships throughout their lives.

At Integrity House, it is our goal to give each teen the tools necessary for success in life and to serve those in need and to serve in her community.  One objective of Integrity House is to provide a safe, positive environment where each teenager is able to learn and apply the values of responsibility, respect for authority, self-respect, and self-motivation. These tools in hand, the teen is able to return to her home, school, and community with positive and lasting results.

Through an organized and deliberate process of education, therapy, behavior modification, and family reunification each teen learns the benefits derived from positive life experiences and the setbacks that result from the foundation necessary for them to succeed in our program and to reintegrate back into their homes, schools, and communities as positive and productive participants.   With consistent application of these tools by our staff, each teen is able to build on their strengths while learning an appreciation for the positive aspects of self-control and self-discipline.

Accreditation, Licensure, Approval:
State of Utah
Department of Human Services
Office of Licensing.