Medicine Wheel at RedCliff
Quick Facts
Young Adult Program

18 to


Avg. Duration:
6-8 weeks


Is Individual Psychotherapy Available?
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PO Box 1027
Enterprise, UT 84725
Program Description

Medicine Wheel at RedCliff is a wilderness treatment program designed specifically for young adults.  Through individualized treatment, clients are presented with opportunities to strengthen positive relationships, improve self esteem, and discover healthy emotional and behavioral activities. 

Medicine Wheel at Redcliff supports a dual diagnosis approach to treatment.  Through both clinical and 12 step methodology, clients come to terms with the underlying issues that have inhibited their emotional growth leaving them trapped on “developmental vacation.” 

Therapy is at the heart of everything done at Medicine Wheel.  Each clinician holds a minimum of Master’s level training and have years of experience working with young people in a wilderness setting.  In addition to spending two days in the field each week, clinicians are in regular communication with guides.  Through regular meetings and phone calls from the field, therapists have the most accurate and up-to-date information about their clients allowing for more effective treatment. 

Under the direction of the clinician, guides conduct one-on-one and group meetings each day to help clients stay focused on their therapeutic and personal goals.  Guides are consistent from week to week which allows for deeper and more meaningful interactions and promotes more effective clinical progress.    

Medicine Wheel at Redcliff understands the importance of continued care.  We view our role as the first step in the treatment process.  Our curriculum is designed to help clients develop a comprehensive recovery maintenance plan which includes identifying a transitional living environment which promotes sobriety, positive peer influence, and structured living.    

Accreditation, Licensure, Approval:
Voluntary Compliance with State of Utah
Office of Licensing
Department of Human Services