Eastern Appalachian Teen Challenge
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12 to 17


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Program Description
Our facility is a beautiful open ranch style home located on six private acres near Roanoke, Virginia. Separation from negative influences in a structured loving environment is key to helping your daughter achieve wholeness. Tucked safely away in the Blue Ridge Mountains, our home is 12 month haven for troubled teens to work through tough issues. EATC’s discipline program is one of behavior modification centered around biblical principles. The goal is to teach students that personal choices equate either positive or negative consequences. Students will earn rewards and privileges for positive choices or lose rewards and privileges for negative ones. Our twenty-four hour care staff work diligently to create an environment that is physically safe, emotionally encouraging and spiritually sound.

A Map to Success

Our first most important mission here at EATC is to help nurture girls to experience an authentic relationship with God through Jesus Christ for themselves. This is the foundation for all other changes in esteem, beliefs,attitudes and ultimately behavior. We will present biblical solutions for the whole person and train students in practical skills to manage their emotions, relationships, and choices. Our bible instructors are trained by Teen Challenge USA and are skilled in developing bible based personal and group studies geared specifically to meet the life needs of your daughter. Through these personal and group studies, in a pastoral counseling setting, our goal is to see your daughter reconciled to both God. others and even herself.

Year Around Secondary Education & Extracurricular Activities

EATC’s secondary academic curriculum is structured in such a way that a student can enter at any point during the year and pick up with their academic studies where they left off before their enrollment into the program. Our education team will tailor a specialized education plan contract specifically for your daughter and her academic needs She will be taught at her ability level with small group and one on one instruction allowing her to experience success and progress.

The Family Tie

Here at EATC family is of the utmost importance. Our mission is guide the whole family into the healing God offers. Group insight studies and pastoral counseling is available for family members to aid in the healing process. Communication with your daughter will be encouraged through phone calls, mail and regularly scheduled visits.
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